The final night of the workshop was at SOhO Music Club in Santa Barbara. The first half presented the Workshop’s three combos

First up was the Scott Whitfield Combo.

The combo led by John Proulx.

Here is the combo led by Jonathan Dane and Tom Hynes. 


The second half featured the Santa Barbara Jazz Workshop Big Band.

Following are excerpts of some miscellanous videos taken during the 4 days of classes. They are from:

  • The jam sessions each night at the the Island Brewing Company, Carpinteria.
  • The “Special Session” by the faculty, including a quintet of our flutists, and Kimberly Ford singing “Alone Together.”
  • The rehearsals, combo and big band
  • The Improv classes
  • An excerpt of the faculty combo, featuring 4 of them doing vocals, at one of the jam nights
Nightly jam sessions
Special Session/Flute Quintet/Kimberly Ford
Rehearsals, combo and big band
Beginning Improv Class
Faculty Jam