Following are testimonials from 2023, the 7th annual Workshop, this one IN PERSON:

From the Students—

Best Workshop yet me…….kidos to Kim and Kim ro a fine workshop. It was life changing and worth every penny….As a result of the workshop, I made several new friends and I improved. I have more musical confidence…..
—Stan Krome, flute
Thank you for hosting this…..this was a first time for me and the first time I’d had any exposure at all to playing with others. I was expecting it to be a positive experience, but was blown away by the extent to which that was true and the extent to which I believe my musical development was advanced….the two days I spent with you were outright transformative and were, without a doubt, the most wonderful musical experience I’ve ever had.
—Ron Rubin, piano
It was a great experience and so glad you let an old guy like me into the program. Great work by you and  the entire staff all around.
—Jeff Falcone, St., drums
It’s good to spend time with professional jazz musician and hear them playing…..
—Jaime Aclander, guitar
As usual, fun time hanging with come great musicians, learning from their experience, feedback and support…..It was very nice that you provided us lead sheets with background lines for the combo tunes…..
—Thomas Kipp, saxophone
Participating in the Santa Barbara Jazz Workshop is probably the most valuable learning experience I have in music from year to year. Since I began in 2018, I have found all faculty to be dedicated professionals committed to helping students of all abilities learn to express themselves.
—Gordon Owens, trumpet
It was fun and educational as well as challenging….
—Jeffrey Falcone, Jr., piano
I always have a blast whenever I participate in Santa Barbara Jazz Workshop. You always bring great faculty musicians!
Miho Kido, vocals

   From the faculty–

It was wonderful to be a part of it. The students and faculty were engaged in the process and easy to work with, and I like the school we worked out of and the venue were we played afterwards…..
Yarone Levy, faculty guitar
So glad to get to be a part of it. Thanks all for the great playing, hanging and inspiration!
Leonard Thompson, faculty piano
Thank you all so much for those very fund two days! I had a blast teaching the students, but to also learn, play and be inspired by you all was a really great experience…..
Kevin Van den Elzen, faculty drums