Following are testimonials from 2021, the 5th annual Workshop, this one ONLINE:

From the Students—

Dear Kim and Kimberly,
Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to participate with the students and faculty of the Santa Barbara Jazz Camp. I will take what I’ve learned towards my last year in my school’s jazz choir, as well as my passion for music. The camp was amazing and enjoyable to be a part of! It was truly amazing to see other vocalists and musicians perform and compliment each other as well as giving tips on how they can improve on their talent. 
Lots of Love,Vanessa Rivera, vocals
I feel the Jazz Theory program was one of the strongest parts of the workshop.
Ed Trimis, piano
The Intermediate level with Johnathan and Chris was good. A little beyond my knowledgebase, but understandable for me. There was enuff new information to keep me stimulated for another year, Questions were answered adequately, and the “hand-outs” were useful.
 At the end of the workshop, I felt like I  learned something important and I am moving forward with my dream to play jazz flute. Stan Krome, flute
I switched to John Proux’s Advanced class  & his treatment of D7 extensions made my week in one hour. It will take time to absorb what he said into my playing but I owe him big time.!! Elmer Pierre, saxophone
I had a blast out of the SB jazz workshop …..I think I learned a lot again and every second of the workshop was very beneficial snd enjoyable. Kimberly did a great job for jazz theory classes and related hand outs were very helpful.  
I used to play classical piano when I was a child and jazz chords are still very mysterious  …. Her circle of fifths helped me understand the chords better.  
I wish we could have free jam sessions in person every night but I truly enjoyed my zoom setting staycation ( vacation) this year!! Thank you so very much !!! Miho Kido, vocals