Here are testimonials from the 2017 Santa Barbara Jazz Workshop. These are taken from e-mails that we have received:

Hi Kimberly, Thank you so much for the explanation and your encouragement.  I had an incredible time at the workshop.  I learned more than I expected and I was inspired immensely by all of the generous teachers…. You both have been amazing to me this whole time. … Thursday, after I got the chance to sing with the big band for the first time I felt so happy and fulfilled, like I had accomplished something so important to me.  I was literally crying with joy at the end of the day because I was proud of myself and received positive feedback and encouragement from the staff. …Please forward this email to Kim.  He was just fabulous to work with and I learned so so much.  I look up to you both more than you can imagine.

Allison Tuma (vocals)

Partly met expectations, partly did not meet expectations.  

The part that was met was meeting fun people, hanging out with really strong professional players for a while, and having fun playing music together with others.  Good stuff!

The part that was not met was being pushed to learn new things and new skills that would advance my playing a level or two.

What did you enjoy the most:

       The friendly staff, instructors and workshop participants. The morning improvisation sessions (Intermediate); the leaders made sure everyone played (or sang) and I appreciated the repeated emphasis on using simple material.

Jamie Harris (trombone)

From Ryan Christopher’s mother

Ryan was inspired by the workshop and it really gave him a confidence boost.  It was important for him to meet and work with you and all the talented professional musicians, and to immerse himself in the “Jazz World”, even if for just a few days.  He really enjoyed the process, and learned a lot. Thanks again for everything you do too promote jazz music and help the younger musicians!

Keeli Scott Lisack

I consider myself a  -shy-amateur-advanced-player-“in training”-, always  trying to learn form the professional musicians.  And this environment was perfect for that.

I liked very much the theory classes with John, short concise and practical.

The bottom line is that those were fantastic 4 days and I  hope to participate again in the next workshop.

Best, Jaime Aclander (guitar)