Following are testimonials from 2019, the 3rd annual Workshop:


A Big Thank you to Kim and Kimberly, all of the world class teachers and the great community of Jazz players! As my first time here and at the beginning of my Jazz Journey I feel like I grew one giant step forward. I learned so much from everyone and especially appreciated how approachable all of the teachers were providing guidance and coaching.   I am a on the forever jazz journey!  My fondest memory of the week was how everyone was so accepting and welcoming of the flutes as we participated in the Big Band and Combos. Especially Kim, who wrote special parts and jazz quintets for us! This group of diverse Jazz musicians; teachers and students, instrumentalists and singers, youngsters and youngsters at heart (we never get old),  has a strong community feel of family. It was a shear delight and pleasure to study and play with you all. Thank you Kim and Kimberly for creating this very special place for us to grow and have fun as we work and practice to increase our understanding with of the Jazz language. And thank you for bringing in top notch teachers who coach and inspire us to get to new realms.  — See you next year if not before! —Lynda Harman, flutes

What an amazing experience!! For the first time, I can see a pathway toward learning to improvise. I came out of this week feeling totally inspired and energized. Looking forward to continuing this journey, and coming back next year.—Lisa Norton, saxophone/flutes

We wish to thank you all – instructors & students- for your kindness, acceptance and sharing your love for Jazz with our son Jesse (drums).  The week really ignited him after a year somewhat removed from jazz. He had so much fun and learned so much. —Roland Gallego

I was humbled and honored to play with and learn from such an an amazingly talented and hard working group of staff and student jazz musicians. I thank all of you and especially Kim and Kimberly.—Tom Stachelek(the ch sounds like k), saxophone

Thank YOU for a wonderful learning experience.  I especially enjoyed the improvisation class taught by Tom Hynes and Jonathan Dane.  They were very exceptionally helpful and informative.  They broke ideas into “chunks”, explaining, demonstrating, and providing us with practice time–and helping each of us individually along the way.  Each time I have attended I learn more and more.  —-Rayleen Williams, saxophone

What a labor of love you have so freely given to all of the students attending the 3rd SB Jazz Workshop.  Thank-you so much for your dedication and the valuable lessons you shared with us.  As I walked to the parking lot yesterday afternoon, I remembered how I felt at the age of 9 years as my first summer camp in the mtns. came to a close … sad, inspired, grateful and not being able to wait for the next year to pass. See you one long year from now.—Gordon Owens, trumpet 🎺

I’ve been waiting a very long time to play in a Big Band. Thanks to Kim and all of you fantastic welcoming musicians, my dream came true. Plus so much more, thanks to an awesome group of musician teachers. Loved it all!—🎶 Audrey Mcpherson, flute 

Had an absolutely fabulous time and learning experience AGAIN. Without a doubt this is a terrific experience for all and I THANK you, our great coaches and all of the wonderful folks (musicians) that I have met. As you all know I’m a promoter for Kim and Kim and hope that you will all recruit and continue to contribute you talents to the success of this workshop. It takes all of us to make this successful and fulfill our dreams and  passions. As you recruit try not to recruit a guitarist…(just joking…I love having a private lesson with Tom and would hate to share his time!).–So keep recruiting musical friends and families to join this workshop or Northwoods Jazz Camp next May; better yet, both!—Dick Hinson, guitar

What a huge blast I experienced with all of you!!!!!!   I will sleep like a dog tonight and dream about my sheepskin dress 👗  for the next year!! :-)). —Lots of Love, Miho Kido, vocals

Later Miho writes:

Thank you so much for lots of videos you provided for us.  I was so impressed by the SB jazz workshop last July and I am pretty sure I will be back next year with some singer friends.  I have watched only my parts on video so far.  But oh boy, so much information was there !!!!!   I learned so much already by just looking at myself in video…..   my strengths and weakness etc…   Awwwwww….  Watching the video might be the best learning tool to see ourselves very objectively.  Thank you so much again for providing us such a great environment to learn Jazz.  I totally had a blast out of SB jazz workshop!!  See you next year!!!!  I miss everyone !!

Allthough I was there for 1,5 day, I had a blast working with all of you. I learned a lot from you and from the students. I hope we get to work more often in various situations. Kimberly thank you so much for hosting and spoiling me! I had a great time. I learned lots and enjoyed spending time with everyone.       Kevin Vandenelzen, drum faculty

A fantastic and enjoyable week for students and faculty alike! It truly gets better every year! I think it’s time for a SB Jazz Workshop Faculty Educational Tour in the Spring, going to schools and colleges, (and maybe senior centers…) playing a short concert, a quick clinic, and promo for the Workshop. —Clapping on 2 & 4, Dave Tull

Indeed-sure was nice to put regular life on hold for 4 days, and spend time in an idyllic environment with good people sharing a mutual passion. Grateful to all. What a great experience again for me,(and others as you’ve seen). I SO appreciate working with you, and a moment I cherish is singing with the big band, with you conducting, and having that singer/conductor connection, knowing we’re both doing something we love, and can share.—Richard Winzeler, vocals

I had a HUGE blast. It was an honor and humbling to teach alongside such gifted artists. (I too was a student. I just got paid for it.) What a real joy it was getting to know the students, not just musically,  but personally. So much fun. Looking forward to next year. I expect you all to enroll again. If you don’t, we find out where you live, park outside your house, and play a bunch of 4ths on a major chord while clapping on 1 and 3.–Thanks Kimberly and Kim for making this happen.—Jonathan Dane, trumpet faculty

Loved the jazz workshop, I had many jazz theory questions answered. It was a beautiful experience. Big Thanks to Kim, Kimberly, Scott, John, Jonathan, Chris, Tom & Dave. All amazing teachers & artists extraordinaire. [[Big Hug to all, stay cool :-).—:D Terry Osiecki Wolff

WOW….AMAZING WEEK of hanging with the BEST FACULTY …all great musicians/teachers/coaches/people…and wonderful students all eager to learn more jazz!  There were so many new ideas, opportunities to PLAY and PRACTICE in various groups, LISTEN, LEARN, JAM, CREATE!!   It was such a comfortable setting where we were encouraged, supported and helped to grow and improve. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!  
I’m inspired to work hard musically and look for some hills and steps to walk daily so I can stay in shape! lol  
Looking forward to next time 🎶🥁🎶🎵🎶  hugs to all….coralie