Here is a group photo of the online 2021 Santa Barbara Jazz Workshop-


…and here is the goofy photos of 2021





Here are photos of our 2019 Santa Barbara Jazz Workshop

First, our faculty- 8 professionals representing each jazz instrument and vocal.

Our students—

We had 30 students this year, all ages and levels. They all enjoyed studying, learning, playing and hanging.

Here’s a couple of group shots of students and faculty—-


This year we started a “Special Session” class (an hour before lunch), with all the faculty and students, that proved very successful. The faculty played and provided explanations about  our process and answered questions from the students.

Classes in Improv and Combo and Big Band rehearsals were held a Cate School, in the Music Room, the Chapel and the MacIntosh Room

Every night we held a jam session at the Island Brewing Company in Carpinteria. Everybody got to play and sing.


Our final concert at SOhO (see videos)–

More to come.

Photo credits: Theresa Wood, Kimberly Ford, Chris Zambon, Kim Richmond